Policies and Procedures

Code of Conduct

Any violation of the policies and procedures listed may result in immediate removal, suspension, ban, or being held liable for replacement and/or legal action taken at the discretion of the Center program director and/or any member of the Center board.​

Etiquette and Behavior

1. No profane, obscene, inappropriate, or unacceptable language, remarks, or offensive gestures (written or spoken).​

2. No fighting, bullying, taunting or inappropriate physical touching is allowed.

3. Respect of others and their property is a must.

4. No smoking anywhere on the property.

5. Alcohol & Tobacco is not allowed in the facility in an open or closed container.

6. Animals are not allowed in the building with the exception of those assisting individuals with disabilities.

7. The Center assumes no responsibility for personal items. All are encouraged to secure their own possessions.

8. The Center management and board must clear all posters, flyers, signs etc. This includes location, duration, materials used and number of promotions/flyers.

9. The Center has zero tolerance to any damage caused by vandalism. The Center interprets vandalism as the willful or malicious destruction or defacement of the Center property.


1. All participants and visitors use the gym and and equipment, furniture and/or games at their own risk.

2. Scheduled and reserved events take priority over open gym/building time.

3. Shoes must be worn at all times and must be non-marking soles when participating in a recreational event.

4. Running/jogging should always be done in one direction when using the gym as a track.

5. Only indoor sports/recreation are allowed such as; basketball, volleyball, soccer.

6. No hanging on rims or any equipment.

7. Food and drink will only be allowed in the concession / vending areas. Organized team events water and sports drinks are only allowed in the assigned seating areas. All trash must be removed by individual immediately.

Classrooms and Conference Rooms


1. Wash and dry your own dishes after using them

2. Never put uneaten food down the drain; scrape into trash

3. Reseal any uneaten food; store neatly in cabinet or refrigerate as needed

4. Never leave open food on the counter as it can attract bugs

5. Wipe up all spills immediately

6. Always cover food heating in the microwave to avoid splatters

7. If something splatters in the microwave, clean it immediately

8. Any spills on the floor need to be cleaned immediately to avoid a slip and fall incident. ​

Equipment and Furniture

1. All media and audio equipment must be moved, maintained and operated by the Center staff and/or authorized personnel.

2. Tables, chairs, and/or furniture should only be moved or set-up by the Center staff or authorized personnel.

Office Space

1. Office space is reserved for staff only

2. Entry to and use of any and all offices and/or conference rooms is prohibited by those renting space, guests, patrons and participants.